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Welcome To The Solace Angels Program

For $34.17/month, Angels gain access to the following exclusive benefits:


Join The Team

Access to our Discord server to observe and advise on Solace’s progress, act as our functional board of advisors, and help us to shape the final look and functionality of the app. We want to make Solace as much yours as it is ours, as we can only do this together.


Early Access To The Podcast

Early access to our podcast (tentatively titled A Moment of Solace) and an opportunity to promote a business or cause that matters to you on the podcast.


The Solace Shop

Early access to our product line (T-shirts, jewelry, cell phone cases, etc.) and the ability to purchase those products at a significant discount.

To join the Solace Angel program, click the button, and sign up for a reoccurring donation of $34.17. We will email you details on the next step of the program in terms of accessing your perks shortly thereafter.


 Why $34.17/month?

Over twelve months, your donations add up to $410 for the year, symbolic of the 41% of transgender individuals who attempt suicide at some point in their lives. We want to keep this number in mind every month when we all donate, as a reminder of the problem we are trying to solve together. Your donation is tax deductible.

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